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Importance in Staying Hydrated

By: Kristin Hald

Dehydration is a condition where fluid is leaving your body faster than entering your body. It is very important to watch for signs of dehydration Seniors are consistently dehydrated and require about two and half quarts of water each day.

Signs of dehydration:





-Muscle weakness

-Dry mouth

Unable to urinate

Drinking water is very serious especially with seniors who have dementia/ Alzheimer's. When having memory loss, it is hard to keep track of the amount of water being consumed. When caring for someone with dementia make sure he/she is consuming enough water. Water plays a major role in our bodies. Dehydration can cause loss of muscle tone, metabolism, dry skin, arthritis, migraines, hypertension, and problems with digestion. There are so many benefits to drinking water such as an increase in mood, a boost n energy, and of course a healthy lifestyle.

If you think you aren't drinking enough water, you can set an alarm to remind you to drink.

Other ways to help you stay hydrated:




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