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3 Tips For Making The Transition To Elder Companion Care Easier

We understand that it may be an overwhelming transition for your loved one who may not be used to having this kind of care.

Here are some tips to make the transition easier.

1) Leading the transition into home care will be much easier if your loved one feels like they are part of the process. Be open to hearing your senior family member’s wants and needs. Try to identify the areas of daily life where they feel that they could use some help.

2) Frame the conversation around providing help. In many cases, seniors are going to respond more positively if they feel they are getting assistance around the house, more so than care. The former feels more like a luxury; the latter, like an attempt to reduce their independence. Home care is about making your senior loved one’s life better, not taking anything away.

3) Once assigned a companion caregiver, allow your loved one to get to know them. Having your loved one feel more comfortable around their companion, will allow them to transition more smoothly.


For more on home care or a little assistance at home when you need it most, visit the compassionate team at Helping Hearts at Home today.

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